Taxis provide easy and expedient transportation to and from TORP. You will find your taxi right outside the terminal by the main entrance and exit. Travelers should be aware that prices may vary, and that taxi drivers are obliged to inform about prices before the trip starts.


Approximate distances between TORP Sandefjord airport and the nearest cities are listed below.

Fokserød by E-18*Approximately 4 minutes (3 km)
SandefjordApproximately 10 minutes
OsloApproximately 80 minutes
LarvikApproximately 20 minutes
PorsgrunnApproximately 45 minutes
SkienApproximately 60 minutes
StokkeApproximately 10 minutes
TønsbergApproximately 20 minutes
HortenApproximately 45 minutes
DrammenApproximately 50 minutes
KonsbergApproximately 80 minutes
OsloApproximately 80 minutes