Pre-book your parking or drop in

You do not have to pre-book your parking online, but if you do, you will get a small discount. If you don’t pre-book, pay your parking on your way home either on the ticket-machine, in the Apcoa Flow-app (Appstore or Google Play) or online within 48 hours. 

How to pay; ticket machine, app, online or receive an invoice

With camera recognition, you don’t get a fine and the parking is ticketless. Your license plate number is read at the entrance and the parking stops when you exit.

The following products and services are available on this area:

  • Parking with a valid mobile app, with or without automatic payment. Download the APCOA FLOW app at the App Store or Google Play. Register a profile and select “automatic payment” in the app, and the payment will be automatically withdrawn when you are leaving the area. News! Registration and payment with Vipps.
  • Parking with payment at the payment machine just before you leave the area.
  • Parking with payment online,, within 48 hours after exit
  • Parking with “Park & Go”. By using this product, you don’t need to do anything. Drive in, park and drive out. You will receive an invoice afterwards. The product has a fixed price + current tariff/price.

For users without a Norwegian phone to download the app, you can use the webpage listed above. You can either register a profile or use it anonymously.

Short term parking – free parking up to 10 minutes

There are 150 short-term parking spaces. Take a left in the first roundabout when you arrive at the airport premises.  If you are picking up or dropping off passengers at the airport, please use the short-term parking spaces located in the front of the terminal building. Both the lower and upper Short-term parking area (see parking map) works as a “kiss and fly” area, which means free of charge up until 10 minutes in order to quickly pick up or let off passengers. In other words, if you leave the parking area within ten minutes, the parking is free and you can just drive home. If you park longer than ten minutes you must pay for the parking as described below. 


TORP has 460 parking spaces in the garage located next to the terminal building, called P1. It should be easy, comfortable and effective to use the P1 parking garage. Dedicated parking are for bicyle and MC is also located in P1.

P2/Long term outdoor

In addition to the P2 garage there are 1720 outdoor parking spaces for long-term parking. Remember that the price is the same whether you park inside P2 or outside in this area. Chargin points for electric vehicles are also located in this area, to your right just after the entrance.

Charging point EV

There are 42 spaces reserved for electric vehicles, each with their own charging point. The charging is free while parking is ordinary price for long-term parking. These 42 spaces are all located at the outdoor long-term parking area, tou your right just efter the entrance. Car charger fault? Call 33 42 70 30 or send an email to

HC parking

We have several HC parking spaces both in the upper short-term (3 spaces to the right of the entrance) and lower short-term (3 spaces) as well as in P1 (3 spaces to the left of the entrance) and in the long term outdoor (3 spaces on the roof of the P1 right next to the lift, access to these via long term outdoor). You pay the same price for a HC space as for a normal space. Parking in a HC space requires visible HC proof. For a quick “kiss & fly” stop, all short term parking areas are free of charge up to 10 minutes.

Bicycle and MC parking

There are dedicated parking areas for bicycles/el-scooters and MCs in P1. MCs and bicycles park free of charge in these dedicated areas. However, if the customer has registered their MC in the Apcoa Flow app with automatic debit, parking fee will be charged.

Need any assistance?

Apcoa Parking operates the car park at TORP and if you have difficulties or need assistance, you may find an answer here or they can be contacted by e-mail: or phone number: +47 22 05 75 00. If you booked online and need to change it, you can Manage your booking by loging in. In the event of a car charger fault at the charging points for electric vehicles, call +47 33 42 70 30 or send an e-mail to

Prices drop in parking at TORP

P-area1 hourPer 24h1 week2 weeks3 weeks
P2/Long term outdoor120,-170,-910,-1100,-1380,-*
Upper short term120,-**750,-******
Lower short term140,-***2000,-*********

*After 3 weeks it costs NOK 70 per day in Car Park 1 and NOK 35 per day in Car Park 2/Long-term out
** Upper short-term: NOK 30 per started 15 min. (Maximum price per day: NOK 750)
*** Lower short-term: NOK 35 per started 15 min. (Maximum price per day: NOK 2000)
All prices in NOK, including VAT. We reserve the right to change prices.

Parking map

Parking at TORP airport