Informations on what (not) to bring in your hand luggage. We start off with liquids.

What is considered liquid?

Anything that is liquid, or has a paste consistency, is considered a liquid. This includes frozen liquid. For example, water, soda, jelly, cream, lotion, perfume, shaving cream and other similar consistency are considered liquid or paste.

How much liquid can I bring?

In theory you can bring a total of 1 liter, but the containers must all be under 100 milliliters (1dl) and fit in a transparent 1 liter re-sealable plastic bag.

How should the liquids be contained?

The liquid must be in containers that hold a maximum of 100 milliliters (1dl). By container is meant a bottle, tube, beaker and similar ones. The amount is determined by the size of the container, not the amount of liquid in it.

Informasjon og tips før du går gjennom sikkerhetskontrollen

Travellers are responsible for not bringing banned items onto airplanes. If such items are discovered at the security checkpoint the passenger will be stopped and asked to remove the item before he or she is allowed to proceed. Waste containers are available if the traveller wishes to dispose of items in this manner. Please note that these items will be destroyed. Please note that the security staff may reject any object not included on the list above but nevertheless gives rise to concern.

Sharp items

ItemHand luggageChecked luggage
Knives with blades more than 6 cmNoYes
Knives with blades lesser than 6 cmYesYes
Razor bladesNoYes
Knitting needlesYesYes
Cigar cutterYesYes
Nail filesYesYes
Fishing hooksYesYes


ItemHand luggageChecked luggage
Screwdriver with blades more than 6 cmNoYes
Screwdriver with blades lesser than 6 cmYesYes
Wallpaper knivesNoYes
Hand cuffsYesYes
Flashlights NoYes
Nail gunsNoYes

Flammable and explosives

ItemHand luggageChecked luggage
Liquids with alcohol content over 70 percentNo****No****
Disposable gas lighterYes***No
Refillable gas lighterYes***No
Lighter with liquid fuelNoNo
Refill fuel to lighterNoNo
Safety matches (only one per person)YesNo
Other types of matchesNoNo
Spray paint cansNoNo
Liquid fuelNoNo
* Max 100 ml in hand luggage, ref. main rule on liquids.
**Aerosols class 2.2 (non-flammable and/or toxic propellant gas) are permitted. Max 500 ml/g per unit, max 2 l/kg per person in checked luggage.
*** Maximum one lighter per person. The lighter must be placed in a transparent 1-litre bag through the security check.
**** Hand disinfection with a higher percentage of alcohol is permitted.
***** Explosive substances are generally not permitted on board aircraft. In Norway, exceptions have been made to the general European ban on ammunition in checked baggage. The airlines may nevertheless have their own regulations that are stricter than the official requirements.


ItemHand luggageChecked luggage
Replicas of gunsNoYes
Toy gunsNoYes
Weapon partsNoYes
Air rifle paintball gunNoYes
Signalpistoler, startpistolerNoYes
Nail gunsNoYes
Electro shock weaponNoNo
Våpen og våpenliknende gjenstander kan under ingen omstendigheter tas med som håndbagasje. Det er imidlertid mulig å reise med våpen som innsjekket bagasje, men hovedregelen er at transport av våpen må søkes om og godkjennes før du reiser. Ta kontakt med ditt flyselskap.

Sports equipment

ItemHand luggageChecked luggage
Biliard cuesYesYes
Fishing rodYesYes
Fishing hookYesYes
Golf clubsNoYes
Hoverboard, Segway, Solowheel, Balance glider etc.NoNo
Hockey sticksNoYes
Martial arts equipmentNoYes
Bows and arrows NoYes
Skateboard YesYes
Walking sticksYesYes
Ice skatesNo*Yes
Swords and machetesNoYes
Tents, tent poles, tent plugsYesYes
* Skates are alloowed in hand luggage if they do not pose a threat due to the construction of the skate.


ItemHand luggageChecked luggage
Dry cakes and cookiesYesYes
Protein powderYesYes
Porridge, pudding, jelly and whipped creamNo*Yes
Minced meatNo*Yes
*Can be taken in small containers of a maximum of 100 milliliters. Larger quantities must be sent in checked baggage.