OPS info

This page contains documents describing operations with aircraft at TORP Sandefjord airport (ENTO) and all types of aviation related operations in the airspace around the airport (Torp control zone/CTR) – both with manned and unmanned aircraft, and for aerial sporting activities.

Personvern på TORP Sandefjord lufthavn

Main document

The main document «OPS info for ENTO and Torp CTR» includes descriptions of relations between this document and the supplementary documents.

OPS info for ENTO and Torp CTR, v. 2.4 (PDF)Download

Supplementary documents

NOTE: Some of the supplementary documents are currently only available in the Norwegian language, but could be translated into English on demand.

Drones: UAS regulations in Torp CTR v. 3.1 (PDF)DownloadAvtale om helikopteroperasjoner på YANKEE SOUTH og BRAVO EAST, v. 2.0 (PDF)DownloadAvtale om aktiviteter ved Jarlsberg flyplass (ENJB), v 3.0 (PDF)Download

Tariff regulations

Valid from Januar 1st 2023.

Tariff regulations 2023 (PDF)Download