Lost and found

All lost and left luggage found in the terminal building is taken care of by the Servicecenter in the terminal and can be picked up there. Widerøe Arrival service, located in the check-in area, keeps lost checked-in baggage.

Savnet bagasje på TORP

Lost items/hand luggage

TORP Servicecenter keeps all items and hand luggage found at the airport and on board all airlines flying in to TORP Sandefjord airport. All items found at TORP are registered and made available within 24 hours on the online Lost & Found platform MissingX. The site is updated regularly. Click here to search for lost and found on MissingX. Items will be stored for four weeks before they are destroyed or passed on to the police.

Missing checked-in baggage

Report your missing baggage immediately at the Arrival Service desk located in the check in area. You can also report directly to our baggage team at bags.wgh.no/support However, it’s the airlines that keeps best track of your luggage, so it might be  good idea to check out their sites first:  

  • SAS (information, tracing and contact)
  • Ryanair (information and tracing)
  • Wizzair (information and contact)
  • Widerøe (information, tracing and contact)
  • Norwegian (information and tracing)
  • airBaltic (information and tracing)


Widerøe Arrival Service checked-in baggage):
Tel. +47 98 90 12 56 (monday-friday: kl. 08-23)
Web: bags.wgh.no/support

Servicesenter (Lost hand luggage or other personal belongings):
Tel. +47 33 42 70 00
E-mail: service@torp.no

Unclaimed checked-in luggage
We store unclaimed luggage for up to 3 days without charge. A service fee of NOK 69,- per day accumulates from the fourth day of storage. This does not apply to missing checked-in luggage that is re-shipped by the airline. When your missing luggage is located and arrives at TORP, you will be contacted regarding delivery.