Customs and police

Both the customs service and the police are present in the terminal at TORP Sandefjord airport.

Både tolletaten og politiet er tilgjengelige på TORP

Custom services at TORP

The Customs Service is present at all international departures and arrivals. NB: It is important to notify customs before entering the security control when declaring goods for international departure. There is a custom service phone in the terminal by the entrance of the security control.

Police at TORP

Do you have any questions concerning visas, passports, etc. please contact the police at TORP Sandefjord airport, who will help you as best they can at the following number: + 47 02800. 

Emergency passport

If you have lost, forgotten or your passport has expired, you can be issued an emergency passport. An emergency passport is only valid for a single journey. You must hand in the emergency passport to the police as soon as you get home.